Konektor5000 Komunica Bazooka Pro Photo / Analyzer

You wouldn’t buy a car from someone who can’t drive and nor should you buy antennas or indeed radios from those that don’t use them. News from WhatsApp and Przemek from Konektor5000 is that he is having a look at the Komunica Bazooka Pro on his car and making some initial SWR checks on both 12 meters and also 10 meters with an antenna analyzer and the photos show the results below. Guess many in the CO Group are asking what is like on 420! We will know the answer in a few days on that one.

I’m in the position that I know nobody whose using one at the moment so cannot comment on how well it is working. If you’ve got one drop me a line via contact and share the results. And as usual Konektor5000 ships world wide and the link to the antenna is here: http://tinyurl.com/y9tw2lzo

Photos:(c) Przemek Konektor5000 Łódź

Direct Link: http://tinyurl.com/yd3zx7o6

And for those out of band guys…

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