President Ronald 12/10m 

It’s been promised for a while now and it’s now out! This is simply a look at the radio and nothing else. More will come further down the blog as things stop me at the moment writing so it will come shortly. So below a few real life photos and that’s about it. Take a look and you’ll see it.

As you see it’s around the size of the Andy and Barry but with a similar display as the Lincoln II +. Menu driven for almost all things including colour, mike gain, roger bleep, SWR and the new feature ELeC and dYNa for selection of dynamic and electret microphone.

New corrugated top with some holes for air and cooling. We know it’ll get hot as with all small radios so nothing different to expect. The new start is with no internal adjustments gone are the power high and low, gone mike gain adjustments. This is a new start I guess as a potentiometer free radio now is here.

Engineered around the President Network in EU. Manufacture President Electronics China. Shenzhen.

Only tried radio for maybe 5 minutes. Power was around 1-34w on FM and AM for me was between 1 till 12.4w AM carrier swinging on the original microphone to 51.7w PeP. Power is from IRF-520 transistors. The radio also can have its bands programmed like the Lincoln II + but alas isn’t PC Programmable.

More to come later…

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