CRT Micron UV Unlock & Test Mode

Below is the official unlock for the CRT Micron. From the box the radio comes working 430-440 and 144-146 and with this unlock it makes the radio work 136-174 and 400-490 so making it more interesting for people that need that out of band experience for whatever the reason maybe.

Like Uniden Qixiang is heading down the no adjustment route with this radio. It is done via an enhanced test mode now and more ways to make an ass of your radio. But interesting to see the RD35H1 transistor in the back.

Above a little look at some part of the board. It’s not so interesting so no need to show a lot more.

Above is the unlock mode video. It’s not smart to mess with the test mode and I’m not supply more information about what the test mode can do, so don’t ask.

** Mod is supplied as many played in Test Mode and didn’t find Unlock. Country rules apply and you must adhere to local rules and laws**

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4 thoughts on “CRT Micron UV Unlock & Test Mode

    • Absolutely right and this is supplied as an advisory mostly as some already play within Test Mode and make a mess.. So it’s best of worse to show where it is, so Test Mode can be left alone for other adjustments


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