12 All New Products In 2018 “40 Years Of President”

After 2017 when not much was happening to the naked eye President have raised the steaks and promised 12 new new products in 12 months during 2018. That is a hefty commitment and sure people will be guessing what they are going to be? Any ideas then put what you think below if you are interested.

It appears they’ll not tell you what is coming, so pop back and check the scratch cards and see what appears during the year! They celebrate 40 years in business and I myself celebrate 40 years on air and as a customer.

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9 thoughts on “12 All New Products In 2018 “40 Years Of President”

  1. Why not make a special edition 40th aniversary “president Trump” base model with all the bells and whistles with gold trim that could top the old “president Madison” !!


  2. My 2 cent is: 2 pcs SSB radios, (one high end type of radio – maybe a baseradio), 6 pcs AM/FM radios and 4 pcs antennas.


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