Nowy President Barry AM/FM 7 Colour Display

Today I was checking out Polish CB dealers and I saw an advert from President Poland about the Ronald. Along with this they advertised a President Barry AM/FM with the following comment “Model Dostępny W Sprzedaźy od Grudnia 2017” which means this model is available from December 2017 where the Barry AM/FM has been available long time. So I investigated it a little more and indeed a New / Neu / Uj / Nowy President Barry AM/FM is coming along.

And it comes 7 colour display and the new corrugated top!

Price is not known, in fact I knew 200% nothing about it. Was lucky to find it advertised online. Next stop find a dealer who’ll sell me a couple.


Instruction Manual:

Thanks President Poland 🇵🇱 for the news 🙄

Below the first generation Barry AM/FM. See the difference .

Photo Courtesy of: Konektor5000

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