Alfa 9500 Amplifier

RF Concepts Have hit the nail on the head with this amplifier . 1500 watts of power and an amplifier that appears smart to install and quite simple to tune and get ready for action. Below we have a video and thanks to Brett for sending me the information to the YouTube video of the amplifier.

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4 thoughts on “Alfa 9500 Amplifier

  1. 8000$ or 4000€ 😉 … for me it’s too expensive … i used a zetagi b507, and it works fine. for others, you can use a
    bv2002 mk4 with tube amplifer power and its has round about 1 KW……


  2. with this amp with 1,5KW in 11meters you need special RG-cable, a very good SWR and a strong antenna…. remind, it’s not easy as well with this strong amount of power….


  3. Very nice piec of equipement indeed ! some people by an amp. just because they can… but a way better investment for the same amount of money and sometimes less is a good directional antenna and it will give you another advantage an amp. will never have: amplified signals on reception. This often means the difference between hearing a station thus working him and nothing at all. Last october i worked many dx from Japan and other parts of Asia and Pacific with stock power and my old 3 element tri-bander that cost me $ 350 used.


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