UR6QW v5 8 Band & Noise Gate

Early December I was in touch with UR6QW Sergei as he was advertising his 8-Band available for Ranger wired radios. I’ve got already a 5 Band and 8 Band for different radios but was interested in the noise gate feature. Also I wanted it wired 6 Pin Uniden. A few emails later and I’d sent the wiring diagram and “boom” it arrived. Made an external power source as the radio not enough for the EQ and away we go.

Around 4 1/2 weeks from enquiry to delivery. He’s been featured a lot all around the web as he truly makes good equipment. This is the latest v5 of his system. On eBay take a look for the seller HFVHFPARTS or you can check this item number 132403380731 then you can see his other selection of equalizers.

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3 thoughts on “UR6QW v5 8 Band & Noise Gate

  1. Hi Simon and a happy new year.
    As you know, I purchased one of these 8 band EQ’s from Sergey last May but 6 months on it developed a fault, it started transmitting a rather loud bumping and scraping sound when keying the microphone and no matter what I tried it could not be cured. If left out of line for a day or so and then reconnected it was okay for a few days abd then developed the fault again. I contacted Sergey and sent it back to him for a new replacement,which he did but insisted I pay him a $20 ‘return shipping fee’ (totally out of order) . From what I can see, and this is the opinion of another operator that has one of these, that the variable ‘pots’ on the unit are of questionable quality and need frequent aplication of switch cleaner and the lead from the unit to the radio is poor quality, rather weak and much too short. This unit could be vastly improved in my opinion by using better quality adjustment pots and why not use a CAT6 Ethernet type cable to the radio instead of thin wiring contained in an un-shrunk heatshrink type tube?


    • Happy New Year and hope you and family are well. I guess that’s maybe the difference with the W2IHY system and this. Cost is difference so indeed something must be different. If I return something from eBay I pay the shipping that’s the shit of it. But did he replace and or repair it?


    • The faulty one Simon I am pleased to say, has been replaced by Sergey, with grateful thanks to him, with a new unit which seems to work okay.
      I would say that these EQ units perform best using the standard stock microphone for your radio, I think this is what they are designed for, not really for studio and amplified mic’s, keeping things simple seems to work best.


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