T2LT Competition 2018 Winner

Congratulations to Stephen “Gunrunner” for winning the recently drawn you tube T2LT competition. I can only add what the others have said and that Dave can sure make them. I’ve bought more than enough from him and worked Nova Scotia on mine with some 4200 km plus so they are really a worker. Hope you make many a good contact from your pimple with the antenna.

Need a T2LT then eBay this number: 152863997285

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2 thoughts on “T2LT Competition 2018 Winner

  1. thanks to all the good words Simon and Nigel and yes that means I have two one for my self and one for my young bro, to get him out and about to take him to a very good spot with his 10m fiberglass fishing pole and there is a wooden post to put it on and get him working some great dx, and my self on another good spot at 2000ft asl young bro at 1678ft asl and we can contact each other and work some great dx, and there is a fence were I get set up on my other t2lt from my good friend stuart I can see this year been a good year, and on a extending mast the pmr antenna and my crt 7u mobile pmr radio and 50w will see some great contacts, its great when you win but the best bit is taken part with the chance of a win.


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