CB Radio In The United Kingdom

Below we’ve a video about CB radio from around the time it started way back when. As this is a anniversary year for so many reasons then it’s a good time to have a look back at how things were “in the day” It’s a great video and is well deserving of the hits it gets. Take a look at how things were.

We all remember the thought of being busted. Almost happened to me on Thetford Hill in Norfolk. B550P, President Jackson, Midland 2001 and a K40 antenna. Found out over the air at the last minute, was a Sunday morning after dx’ing overnight.

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One thought on “CB Radio In The United Kingdom

  1. CB Radio is very much alive again in the area I live in the UK! A few of us got together and decided enough was enough and created a “Nightly Net” for people in various parts of the community.. With such a need for this we launched this venture with the support of an excellent Facebook group and the “empire” is definitely growing. We have in fact gone from a mere 6 to 209 members in under 5 months!

    We are now in the process of hosting a properly supervised Saturday afternoon net for children. This includes the seeking out of the harder to reach groups (some who have special needs) along with genuine users suffering from hardship with limited funds in an attempt to bring people together on chosen channels as a sort of an “introduction to radio” idea.
    So far this has been met with great gusto! There is also talk of a news feature on Television! However this is only at drafting level at the moment.

    Our thanks go out to the service providers, the “chairs” that give up their time “voluntarily” on a nightly basis, the users for their continued contributions and we would also like to give a special mention and thanks to Simon The Wizard for assisting with various radios, his brilliance with technical advice and global support of our venture. Long may it continue ……

    Laurie A Vaughan
    Channel 35 Club UK


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