President Bill ASC “Truckerswereld”

Thanks to Ronald for the WhatsApp message to tell me that the radio will come in April and the cost will be €109.95 which is around £97 based on current money exchange rates. That’s quite high for a mini radio but according to dealers I’ve spoken to in 3 countries they’ve told me it’s expected by them to sell exceptionally well. Details Below:


I’m also aware of dealers telling me also €89~€129 so it’s fluid movement I guess as nothing actually has been seen at all other than the photos we’ve seen.

I’m asked how do you change channels if you’ve swapped microphones?

Above and below the display are push button up and down controls

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    • It’s a tricky one to call. It’s more than the usual mini ones but has frequency and channel. Guess hidden watts?? If all these things and built ok it’ll sell. If less than par it could have troubles


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