AE-6491CT “New Stock” & General Discussion Alan / Midland AGAIN..

So it appears that the dealers who contacted me, sent emails are all wrong and the AE-6491CT will return with new stock in the Spring of 2018. Maybe it’s a language issue but “Simon it goes away, discontinued” in my native English is hard to misunderstand. Helmut from Combai obviously upset cried to Alan Electronics and they tried to shout at me! But in May-June-July 2017 when I received my three junk factory* radios (Midland Mini) they didn’t do nothing. Didn’t raise the head over the office desk to reply. It went into the email box: ignorecustomers@ which many companies own and operate.

Still today

3 Midland Mini

3 Microphones

3 Dongles

*Junk = Received radio China in unlocked mode (featured youtube) RF Gain only AM. Dealer in Italy told “unique to midland” channel change on Bluetooth microphone (FALSE NOT TRUE) And was advised return the mikes and dongles and get a refund. Dealer offered 1/4 Of price for all and I need pay shipping and was told they are perfect these microphones. BUT he lied and told had channel change. So junk way to sell, cheat the customer, offer bad deal, play ignorant and in the end stop answer email when asked where he wanted them returned. This how good a dealer Midland had that I dealt with.

Alan Electronics = Part Of the greater CTE / Midland family etc etc.

Used as book shelf ends, nobody manned up, actually nobody genuinely cares in fact. In radio much hot air, much yes yes and more no no. Ordered a ML-145 from PNI a dealer in Romania order not fulfilled. Yet another situation which took ages to resolve.


A: Radio comes New Spring 2018 = Not deleted

B: Ignored my emails but now €€ and sales could be effected then they write quickly

C: Midland / Alan / CTE Had a passion for CB in the day. But it’s 2018 so I guess like all others how many staff actually use equipment they sell these days. Featured in 2014 I think “Circle Of Wise Men” on the blog that’s the way ahead, the common sense way.

So as promised the radio comes NEW , it’s not deleted, it’s not changing, it’s current stock and will remain I guess for the next 50 years in stock..

That’s one of the worst traits of radio companies. Whether it be President, Albrecht, Alan and indeed Midland in 2017 nobody really likes to respond to customers. They are B2B (Business 2 Business) which means in reality not many dealers will tell the truth back to a reseller that something is bad or not as expected.

Dealers don’t use, just sell to make profit

Customers get stuff sub-standard sometimes

Net Result = Absolutely nobody gives a damn as have the money and moved onwards.

The ultimate outcome is a customer so annoyed, so disillusioned, with so much anger you can’t imagine with a companies product’s that burning them would be too good for them. First AE-5890EU I bought new came with no final inside it (was returned to Dealer) Bought an ROHS AE-485S which stopped working after 12 minutes, was returned to store and sent away (no radio 5 weeks) comeback repaired and lasted 4 hours. The dealer told me it failed as “ambient temperature in car too low” (remember Waldi?) So was sent away again and a scratched, marked non ROHS old piece of crap returned with no box (remember Waldi?) and I was told “Albrecht sent you this non-ROHS radio back as works well. Remember (Waldi) I asked for a refund as it wasn’t new, not boxed, damaged with scratches and again net result NOTHING AT ALL. But like some companies say “social media and blogs, nobody reads them” so all ok I suppose.

I’ve spoken recently to gentlemen from Midland by phone. Truly nice guys I’d say, genuine, fair and passionate.. They need to try and inject some of this into other parts of the business. But still same ultimate net result 3 radios still sit in the dustbin in my radio cupboard.

Let’s see which dealer is first to cry this time.. Will be somebody. But I suggest that you read all the troubles, over many many years. Arguments at Durmersheim (Albrecht Marius top top guy) about stuff. So, see the crap I’ve put up with before you run crying again..

Thank you to Alan Electronics, below could be a reason my emails were ignored. We are fair here, both sides. Explains some of it but not all months I guess. It went actually to multiple addresses internal and externally.

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    • It gives no pleasure these words but long time needed to be said. I sat quiet too long, needed to explain not isolated incident.. Let’s hope those who tried twice to make a mess here for me Read my words and can understand and not simply cry that I’m not fair


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