Italian Trucker “QRP CB” Kit €720’ish

Sent this from a friend whose a dealer and what can I say other than excellent. The super Quarantotto CB which can be altered to work 10 watts and Grandi Modulatori AM so all good. Comes with the KL-805 amplifier and Hercules antenna. Great starter kit for AM can’t say more. Price is around €720 plus delivery. What a great idea indeed am all for it and delighted to show it here.

That’s a Midland that looks retro and actually is nice I’d say. Guess it’s had many changes over the years but like it….

Link Grandi Modulatori:

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3 thoughts on “Italian Trucker “QRP CB” Kit €720’ish

  1. Altough i have never owned one I always liked the look of these Midlands. On the video,sounds like ch.6 superbowl in Italian !!
    A harmonics generator… er sorry an amp. is kind of useless for truckers since most of ’em talk short distance on AM when they are following one another . But if they like to spend $$$ that’s their decision .


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