Battle Of The Bulge

In the next weeks and months some of the content here will be deleted as either out of date or simply of no use anymore. Simple fact is “we’ve out grown our corner of the web” and so must free up some space accordingly. We are fortunate in a way as have had interest from companies in Romania, USA, Poland, UK, Germany and Canada interested in either hosting us or to add paid content (adverts) here. So far we’ve not gone down this route but we started with 3GB storage, then went to 6GB, then 13GB and we’ve outgrown ourselves. Just today a message of filling storage arrived.

Facts Are:

When we began we’d get maybe 20,000 hits a month, on a good month 22,000. We get this weekly now at the minimum. So, more stuff gets added and more space needed. We started with a domain name and free plan. We’ve gone through all plans and the last one left is “business” with unlimited space, over €2000 a year to keep it going and it’s not worth it to me.

A: We are not a business

B: We are not paid, we don’t take a % as some insinuated recently. It’s all self funded, and all done with small team, lots of helpers etc.

C: No companies pay to be added here, products etc. Most don’t see social media as anything important for them. Even some believe they don’t get more business due to being on social media. Studies show differently but opinions are respected of course.

So, no point having a business plan when nothing is earned from the blog. Occasional thank you mails from people, more often people upset at companies who don’t care about them and insults about what’s on here. The fact is people send in stuff everyday and we feature some of it here. Interesting, quirky, rubbish, funny we try add it all.

So current thinking is to free up space some content from early years will be deleted, plus older modifications here and copies stored on the system. If we can free up stuff then all good. When that’s filled again then we are done. Truth is can’t keep showing stuff here. In a business yes you’d make your money back selling equipment etc but self funded this isn’t possible (as not a business so no incoming revenue to balance against work, site costs etc)

That’s it in Black & White.

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