*NEW* Yaesu FT-818 £599.95

On offer for pre-order at MLS in the UK comes the much awaited FT-818 from Yaesu. Pencilled in currently for April 2018 arrival we’ve got the info and link below for those that are interested in the radio. Now we just need to wait for a photo and see how this new radio from Yaesu is looking.


Frequency Ranges: RX 100 kHz – 30 MHz

50 MHz – 54 MHz

76 MHz – 108 MHz

87.5 MHz – 108 MHz

430 MHz – 440 MHz

TX 1.8 MHz – 54 MHz

(5.2500 MHz – 5.4065 MHz) WRC-15 + UK

144 MHz – 146 MHz

430 MHz – 440 MHz (Amateur Bands only)

Circuit Type: Double-Conversion Superheterodyne (SSB/CW/AM/FM)

Single-Conversion Superheterodyne (WFM)

Modulation Type: A1A(CW), A3E(AM), J3E(LSB,USB), F3E(FM), F1D(PACKET), F2D(PACKET)

RF Power Output : 6 W (SSB/CW/FM), 2 W (AM Carrier) @13.8 V

Memory Channels: 208

Case Size(W x H x D): 135 x 38 x 165 mm w/o knob and connector

Weight: 900 g (w/o Battery, Antenna and Microphone)

Link: https://tinyurl.com/y7luv5af

Photo Thanks to Manuel L. Thank you so much.

Let’s see who copied the link first this time….

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2 thoughts on “*NEW* Yaesu FT-818 £599.95

  1. Call it FT-817 MKIII!
    Seriously, take a 817 and put in recharchable AA batteries from a shop next door using the supplied battery pack and cut the green wire. Then capacity will be more than 2000mAh.
    TCXO is availible in China for $10 incl. delivery.
    The 5MHz Band is for free if TX is open.

    But nice to see that this nice typ of radio is still availible for the next years.

    72 de Sven


  2. Over here in N.A. it will be 130$ more than the 817,the new 818 will have 1 watt more,larger capacity batterry and better frequency stability. A lot of money but you also get a lot for your money in this radio ! it’s espescially well suited for portable operations in CW. Nice little “do it all” radio.


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