**New** V3 CRT Millenium €59

So the latest version of a radio I once labelled as not great is on the market with a few subtle changes which some are identical to the Midland Mini CB Go which is now actually quite a usable radio. So below we’ve got the news of the updates to this radio which now comes again to market.

A: New Enhanced Blue LCD Screen

B: Detachable Power Lead & Connector

C: Fitted Cigarette Plug

All ideas I like! Let’s hope they made the working part better too. Congratulations to them for continuing with Nanfone. Can’t argue with bravery.

Link: https://tinyurl.com/y7x2aupd

Will you try one Wizard?? CRT ignore my mails now much like Midland as home truths are not welcomed in CB. I’ve got a V1, also got a V1 with V2 firmware. Both are used as foot rests so for a V3 I’d maybe need a medal but we will see as it’s not so expensive. Can be this is indeed the best of them all. I’m optimistic so far!

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One thought on “**New** V3 CRT Millenium €59

  1. Its a bad buisness practice not to listen,we not here to make trouble we just want a sensible response and get things resolved for a better product at end of day,plus its makes the company look good and professional as well when you do listen.
    Especially now with social media around,word get’s round.a lot faster nowadays!
    Burying head in sand approach eventually catches up with you and has a nasty way of biting you the ass when your least expecting it!
    If there a issue,put your hand up and be the better professional and deal with it,thats what sets other radio companies apart,you’ll get a lot more respect and keep traders\customers coming back to buy more products when you have good technical support .and fast responses to an issue.
    And word does get around in trade and at consumer levels if a company if excellent support ,you cant buy that respect.,its earned.
    I will even go on record that Groupe President Electronics do listen and do respond,and hats off to them being the better professionals they are!
    CRT France\Midland you need to step you game up,pull your fingers out and be more professional to technical issues and response times,and give better technical support and start listening if you want to stay in communications product buisness.
    Sloppy responses,mean sloppy practices and poor image in my books and Ive been in the comms\electronics buisness quite a while in various forms and heard all the excuses under the sun.
    Just because it ‘s a CB radio,it should not be treated any different to other professional radio products,time to raise the bar of quality gentlemen.no excuses anymore.
    Good luck with Version 3.0, hope its been “field” tested third time lucky,well least they trying and putting some effort in resolving I suppose.

    They really should have offered a upgrade on V1,V2 sets or take back early ones and exchange for V3.00 if unhappy when released as a gesture of good will and the right thing to do instead of leaving high and dry, Simon.

    PS Mfr’s here’s a hint-If you haven’t got the time to “field test” new R&D radio products due to resource problems\staffing\Budgets restraints and dont want countless revisions,why dont you have registered free product testers,they will be more than keen to take free CB radio samples and fill in field reports to get first hands on’s on niggles,bugs,performance,human interface and do field report probably for free!
    Make a list of common tests,check buttons and combinations,does it lock up under strange ways,display good in sun light,does radio over heat,etc,etc and fill in a form
    You could even offer a free production radio to the one who finds the most bugs to make it a driven competition and get all data\feedback worth back in return to look at.and analyze.That way you get your sample returned and your field data too!
    May save you a small fortune in R&D costs and have keen people to test your products right away in the pre-sample stage!
    Just a thought.. and save bloggers a bit of cash promoting your wears,instead of paying for samples and pre-production models.
    enough said, good luck with new V3,lets hope it does not end up as a door wedge Simon.
    I look forward to hearing your test reports..Best of luck
    Rob 73’s


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