Monday Blog! New Radio?

Tomorrow hopefully we will have an introduction to a new radio. Just waiting on the final answers but hopefully it’ll be able to happen. It’s not an SSB radio so lots of people will be disappointed. BUT for those interested in AM/FM I can tell you a little now and the rest it’ll need to wait till permission granted.

A: Multi Norm Capability

B: 28.000-29.700

C: 24.710~30.105 (I’m not keen on 12m AM/FM)

D: RJ-45 Microphone Connection (Currently, can change of course)

It will come with of course standard 4w AM/FM in multi-norm and possibly higher power in either unlocked or 10m configuration. No News who’ll be reselling it, it’s not ready now. But that’s not a blog issue.

You’ll see it in the next few days here as 1 radio is sat now in DHL Leipzig Germany. It’s a non finished radio so some odds and ends not working and can change further along towards production. Biggest thanks to Thijs from for his message and kindness concerning this.

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