V3 CRT Millenium Inside Story

Well it’s arrived and we’ve had a look and below is the first photo for you. As you can see there are indeed a few changes inside. The jumpers were set for standard radio and so a small adjustment and now it’s still multi norm but with the option of Low and Hi Power which can be handy if needed.

Much nicer made on the inside and looks similar to some other radios shall we say. Adjustments on the board for the usual odds and ends.

FM Mod

AM Mod



So at least something for the budding “I’m a CB Engineer” to have a play with. The radio now comes with a two piece power lead (excellent) and also same detachable microphone as last time.

Export Mode still the same 25.6~30.1 but you loose of course the UK channels. There is also 10m mode which allows for 28.0~29.7 with 4 watts and 8 watts in high power mode.

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  1. Hi mate, I’m looking at buying one of these from knights. All i want is the standard 40 UK channels, I want to plug it in my truck and leave it be, think it’s a good radio?

    Want something of a small form factor so this caught my eye.


  2. PCB does look cleaner now def,only comment I can make is where’s the VCO screen cover? Left hand-side of pcb,can see the square copper surround on pcb,but no screening can bit odd,Si?


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