Wallen Super Modulator II £35

Thanks Justin for sending me the link to the Super Modulator II from Wallen Antennas. Takes me back I must say. Used one of these a lot in the day shall we say and it’s excellent it’s still available. As you said correctly they ship across the EU and yes I’m happy to add the eBay item number here too.

Item Number: 152740698420

They even put the option “make an offer” in my mind can’t pay the price move along plenty will.

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  1. Heard these are good! I had a Thunderpole version called the Red Devil and I would be interested to see what the difference is by test. Wallen always had a good reputation.


  2. They also did a version with a much longer centre loaded coil and it was called the “Black widow”. Never seen one in the flesh though. I remember seeing the pictures on the rear of Citizens Band magazine.


  3. Bring back the larger big double coil version ,it was a dream to have back in the day .I never had one ,but want one now


  4. I had one of these may years back. It didn’t seem to work any better than the base loaded version, but it did look impressive on the car. Providing you could find a magnet strong enough to hold it.


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