CRT FP 00 On The Desk

First of all I’d like to thank CRT for sending the radio so quickly! Just 4 days with GLS from online which I think is indeed a new record. The radio comes locked to the usual 144-146 and 430-440 but it’s possible to expand it to 136-174 and 400-480 via keypress and this will be featured in the modifications II at some juncture.

I’m still in rehab when it comes to expanding things so I’ve done it! Just because why not more than why keep it standard. I’ve also programmed my radio via the programming software and it was a breeze and the frequencies flew into the radio via the PC and I can confirm that it supports windows 10 pro.

One excellent thing to mention is that I also own the yellow CRT FP1 and that was programmed via software and the file saved. I opened the FP1 file on the FP 00 software and it programmed it! So both files work on both radios which make programming a breeze and nothing difficult at all. The side connection for programming is Kenwood so it’s quite universal and not difficult. I programmed my radios with a cable that came with an Anytone radio. No driver issues at all.

More will be coming on this radio in the next days and weeks. This was a quick look and see how it looks. I can say on PMR from my front room I can access a parrot repeater at some 20km on low power 1w so that’s a bargain. The real chase begins in June when we will be out and about on the hills.

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