Sunday DX Quantock Hills

As the email that I received about this video stated “how times have changed” with the use of Ham radio gear being used on Citizen Band radio UK27/81 without a care in the world and also being recorded. Guess it backs up facts that OFCOM are not only gutless, toothless and not interested anymore. And according to today’s newspapers it seems they are more interested in Ant n Dec sofa competition these days.

Many of us felt the DTI breathing heavily behind us plus before that Buzby! And sure in someways it’s good these days have passed over. For me it happened on a Saturday night DX when a Cobra 148GTL-DX with B550P was the prize the DTI (Department Trade Industry) wanted as I bumped started the car down the hill with the K40 in the boot. #happydays

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One thought on “Sunday DX Quantock Hills

  1. we have all felt the heat from busby and the only way was to get away from the towns, and from 23.00pm until the very late mornings some times 5.30am, and home work and then into the hills again all week end, but contacts all week end but all ways after 23.00pm as there was lots that done the same, the freg and Am and a 7ft fire stick and at 2000ftasl, the contacts were great from just over the scot border to well down past leeds and most of the big towns , Great times great radios and fantastic contacts and a few qsl cards of the postman.


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