Anysecu 3G-W2 Network Radio

We’ve all been interested in network radios and using Zello to communicate. Even the blog will have a room soon. Below we’ve got a video review of the new Anysecu radio. This radio runs on a much older Android 4.4.2 and comes with touch screen. All the details are below and the price is around £260 plus shipping and any import duties and taxes.

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  1. Whilst mobile I use an Android mobile phone connected to my cars Bluetooth hands free system and a PTT control mapped to a button built in to my steering wheel. At home if I choose to use network radio I use a PC with a headset and use the space bar as a PTT. To me its a great system to talk to other like minded individuals however at this time I have no intention to purchase an actual radio. I do enjoy experimenting with radio and antenna’s and I can continue to do this with my existing equipment which I fully intend to keep.

    Is it real Amateur Radio ?
    Probably not as it does not appear in any license condition that I have seen or band plan which included GSM frequencies. To be honest I do not think anyone is suggesting that it is Amateur radio however with the current state of the bands, repeater abuse and user apathy, the introduction of Network Radio has drawn many Amateur’s and like minded individuals to mature, professional and interesting conversation. Yes it does need a data SIM card or Wifi however the data usage is very small.

    It costs nothing to try it. Just install the application on a phone or PC and see what you think.


  2. I don’t know why Matt thinks it’s illegal in the UK; it isn’t. It doesn’t benefit from the exemption in the mobile phone regs for use as a two-way radio because of the frequencies it operates on but, properly mounted and used with a bluetooth or wired hands-free device, it’s as legal as any other cellular device.

    You can safely ignore any comments about poor or robotic audio. Audio via Zello is always absolutely superb.


  3. Amazing voice quality on Zello, mobile use just pair with your vehicle Bluetooth, this technology is growing at great speed and is a great addition to the hobby. Network Radios has over 1200 subscribers and 730 currently in the Facebook group, put a call out and you will get a reply, shame the same can’t be said for local repeaters, and for Mr Perfect hearing, Your ears must be broken…..


    • QUOTE: “for Mr Perfect hearing, Your ears must be broken….. ”

      Karl i notice your standard is just low how a signal should sound.
      This matches with your list of D-Star, DMR and C4FM equipment on

      Enjoy your “digital” sounding hobby.

      The discussion ends for me here!

      73 Rob


  4. Doesn’t sound as a robot at all, Rob. Sound quality is the same as on your phone.
    This is no DMR or other digital voice sounding system. And with the right apps installed, like Echolink or Teamspeak3 IRN, this set is perfecty usable to connect to a repeater or ham radio nodes and nets.
    I agree it is a phone, but a phone adapted en made for easier use in car or shack.


    • Hi ivo,

      I have heard it live several times and hear also this video.

      If you think it doesn’t sound as a robot, i have no idea what is wrong with your hearing.
      It sounds like garbage and not even close to a human.
      I do notice though that many new in the hobby are much less sensetive to good quality audio and they accept anything as long as they understand it.
      Indeed a phone is poor quality but when that is your standard…..


    • You really have no idea what your talking about do you Rob.
      You probably don’t own one, or used one in real life, just picked a clip from the internet from last year.
      But no problem, the hobby is very extensive, and there is something in it for everyone to enjoy.
      I certainly do enjoy this way of communicating to the world, and exploring the new possibilities with network radios which are expanding rapidly these days.

      73′ Ivo


    • Hi Ivo,

      Yes i know what i’m talking about.
      Yes i owned several brands and types to see if i what i experienced was just that the same as that first Network Radio.
      I used that video as i never recorded my own.
      Yes it sounds the same poor quality of what i experienced.
      Yes i notice that many interested in new types of communications take that beyond quality.
      I am the one to blame because of having “perfect hearing” (research that on the net what it means) so every distortion is noticable.

      Enjoy your Network Radio and this beautiful real RF hobby.



    • Rob… I’m gonna go with Ivo here. The audio on these devices is by far the best audio of any type of device I’ve used within the hobby of ham radio. One of the most common things I hear when talking to someone on RF from one of these devices is just how clear it is (which usually prompts them asking what i’m coming in on). The audio is second to none and this view has been shared by everyone that I’ve ever asked about the audio when asked so how you can compare it to “garbage” and “not sounding human” is beyond me, yet you claim to have 0db hearing ??? More likely tinnitus I suspect. lol.

      You seem a little bitter with your comments about how it’s got nothing to do with the hobby??? I don’t understand why you would even think that… The hobby is about progression and experimentation and these fall under that.

      But for those of us that make use of it, we will continue to enjoy it… And I enjoy using it on RF too… 😉



  5. Alas – I once had Echolink installed on my phone. But I needed other apps and had to delete it. Seeing this is 3G does it mean you need to contract with a provider?


  6. 1) Matt it is fully legal in UK car/truck. So somebody must have misinformed you. See http://
    2) Simon: It works on 2G, 3G, 4G and WiFi.
    3) This has all nothing to do with two way communications for a hobby.
    It just looks like a cb radio annex twoway radio but is nothing more then a Mobile Phone.
    Speech quality sounds like a robot.

    So a waste of money, time and energy to even look at these kind of expensive toys.


    • Rob, I don’t get why you think the audio is poor? I find the audio is better than any other mode out there and Crystal clear (I use the IRN mostly and occasionally zello). I’ve never heard anyone sound robotic.
      And why would you say it has nothing to do with the hobby? 1000’s would disagree… There are plenty of hams using this type of equipment and it has everything to do with the hobby. I don’t understand why you are deliberately misleading people.


  7. Nice Bit of kit It’s a shame that it won’t be legal in the UK ( when in a car/truck etc ) … this radio works on the mobile phone frequency…
    But I could be wrong?



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