World First Sommerkamp TS 788 DX / TCXO by Ing. Gerhard Maurer

Thank you Jürgen for sending me the details of this excellently modified Sommerkamp TS-788 DX which really is something quite special. Below we’ve added the link to the video and also the comments directly from Jürgen. Whoever the owner of this radio is it’s a true beauty and now it’s got its 2018 new clothes on!

Digital FM Mode

Switchable from frequency to channel display (40 EU / 80 DE) – Extended frequency range down to 25 MHz – Easier frequency selection due to short waiting time before the automatic system continues to run. – Absolute tuning accuracy at 1k and 100Hz increments – Step size “10k” can be changed to 5k – Significant improvement in frequency stability – Elimination of jitter (“noise”) in SSB modulation – Excellent FM modulation. – Scanner can be switched over position “CW”. –

Service menu for setting some parameters from the outside. – Up / dn also works with other (synonymous dyn.) Microphones (without the channels start to run when sending).

TX Power 80 Watts.

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