#tbt Sperimental Radio

We’ve all started on radio somewhere and at sometime. I’m old! So was long time again in 78 so it’s my 40th year on air. In my early days it was AT and SR that were always heard from rare and exciting places you’d see in an atlas not on TV. I’d always hear Keith “Shutterbug” and Mike “The Beast” calling with Sperimental Radio callsigns and working the world. Along with this QSL cards and all things we take for granted now. So it was brilliant to be in contact with 1SR1 Mimmo who’ve I’ve heard about last I guess in late 80’s on Facebook. The group is still going strong and Mimmo and others have added the most excellent old cards from the group online. AND as Liechtenstein has been on air recently we’ve added the SR QSL from an activation in 1989 in a spot which is one of my haunts.

And in Hungary too an activation was heard with the QSL below

Like with all hobbies it’s about history, honor, those who’ve treaded the paths we are now walking. Find out more on Facebook = SperimentalRadio why not it’s a lovely group of like minded radio people. Plus a few weeks ago I’ve managed to speak with 1SR1 Mimmo on air after all the years a first contact. Truly great indeed!!

So this is a throwback day reserved for them! Hard work of many people over the very many years they’ve existed who’ve laid the ground for us all who follow on the airwaves.

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