*NEW* Midland M-30 @NeunerFunk €144.90

The new Midland has been launched today but Markus from NeunerFunk in Germany. It’s been advertised for many weeks so it’s nice to see it hit the shelves. Looking inside you can see the usual Apollo II design with the “white wire” and we all know what that does. Microphone and front covering is different as the photos will show and also a link to the radio in the store.

Link: https://tinyurl.com/yatl6764

And looking at back left of internal photo you see the place the two 13Q10 transistors would be in the High Powered version of the radio.

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  1. Why pay €144.90 for M-30 when you can buy the same radio, Team Expert 1 €109, or CRT 2000 for €99 ? Thats the big question…


    • It appears just a different front and same options for CTCSS on the board. It’s an Apollo II with different microphone and colour. It’s expensive.. Do you get extra Midlandness for €50 I think not


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