Carant ACY12 & ACY16

Just thought I’d share an antenna with you. I tried one of these I bought from the factory here in Hungary well over a decade ago and the plan is again to run this antenna for a radio event. Enough to say the last time it was used in anger was well over a decade ago and with 40 watts on 446Mhz from 1200m ASL and it’s documented that it was sounding like a local 300km away. Was in the days when QRO therapy was harder to get than these days.

Carant started in 1990 as a joint venture between Sweden and Hungary and I can say till today that antenna was literally the very best I’d tried and ran. It was used in a few places and WOW it worked so why not try again and see how well it goes. Below is the sheet about the antenna. And have a look at

I’ve visited the factory also and found them the most kind, helpful people to buy antennas from so maybe have a look and maybe you see something you like too like I did.

The antenna above is the 16 element and have I some stories about running this one of 446 MHz. I still think the CTU (Czech Telekom Union) would remember it from some hills… But this was used with an Intek 2000 with BNC adapter only 😇

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