President Walker Export Mode

During the last look at the search features on the blog “President Walker” popped up a number of times (13) with the search for export mode so why not! Here you’ve got the modification and the frequency chart which features the mysterious Uniden way or President way of channel stacking that appears on among others Jackson II and Grant II. Hope it helps you searchers.

It’ll be here a week then deleted. President are among the companies we are deleting articles about on a weekly process so get it while you can.

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  1. Simon hi, having been on and off air since 1979, I’m currently using a Harvard Home base for UK40, and a Stalker 9 eprommed.

    I’m in a ground floor flat that leads onto a walkway, I have a T2LT hidden up the drain pipe on a pole bout 12 feet high, any higher I get signal splatter on RX n TX.

    Can you suggest a better Antenna system, Cus I’m OK on SSB, but really bad locally on UK40.

    Thank you for considering this question hope you can help

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