Zetagi B150 Do you need one?

Great video and a lot of true words spoken about the times “Back in the day” for me it was Kanookie Queen who used a Ham Jumbo, large amplifier and a Avanti Sigma4 Antenna. So what did you need to do? You went and got a Bremi BRL-500 and used it on a Sunday morning early for FM DX with an AS Javelin around 50ft to the base..

And because we are all honest on CB it was always just a simple 4 watt station (into the amp) and when you needed a bit more kick you went and used more power… Having melted the Javelin it was onto Thunderpole II and III then silver & Black Knight. Then you’d go portable and need a B300P then everyone on air said to you get a B550P then it was low in power so a KL-500 amplifier from RM was looked for! How many thousands did we all spend 1978-2018 guess we could buy a country…. Then you’d have a Cobra 148 GTL-DX and people bought NATO’s so you’d swap for more bands and with more bands you’d make further contacts and need more power to get further……

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