*New* She’s Here

I understand around 200 pieces of the Xenon are available at the moment and here is one of them and we will look at it during the next days and report here with all the export features and what you loose and what you gain but at the moment just a small nose at the size etc of the radio.

It’s super small like the Bill and has a two piece power lead which I like that’s a smart choice and a cigarette lighter molded onto the end of the cable. And for now that’s it. Manual in English and French all you need. More later….


I can confirm the radio will make 28.000 -29.700 with 4/8/15 watts FM 4/8 AM

And 24.715 – 30.105 with 4/8 watts AM and 4/8/15 watts FM

Modification comes here early next week when find out if it works as planned so Radios aren’t destroyed in the process.

My opinion about radios with 12 metres AM and FM are well noted so nothing to add more than let’s all QSY down on 24.755 FM and have a chat….

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    • Currently less than 200 released with big shipment due September. Maybe in USA you’ll get 12/24v called Anytone Hera but some guys tell me Stryker will get this but nothing heard at all this side of the pond


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