24 Hours Of McKinley

Thanks to those who’ve wrote via Facebook, Messenger and a few emails. Remember please email isn’t working so greatly recently so expect a delay and I’m opening a new email address and the messages then will have easier chance to reply.

What do we know?

As much as it states online and that it will be a multi-norm radio with features as described


The radio is an artists impression and from there it will head to samples and how things will look and this process is long term. Price will be high it’s President so get saving


We’ve mentioned this before. President has a lot of other radios in the twelve months and remember all the artist impressions need to become reality and all niggles or errors taken out. I’d imagine winter time. President normally release SSB radios around Christmas time (Grant II / Lincoln II / Jackson II) so prepare for December 2018 till April 2019.


Remember this it could be a variable free board. Just for those who need to add screwdriver to everything.


At the moment I’ve no idea. Guess what you’d like as I’m not commenting till I know and guess it can be next year already.

A Thought

After many months of AMFM it’s nice to see an SSB radio. We’ve got to wait, please don’t ask me questions as I’m a buyer like you all and so the wait is a terrible thing for all of us. My wish would be it’s at least the same or better than the USA version.

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4 thoughts on “24 Hours Of McKinley

  1. Hi Simon looks good it’s on President site as a new radio all pictured up and with all the specs looks like it could be released fairly soon


    • Hi Carl. I think it’ll be next year at the earliest maybe. The ideas are that it could come December but I think due to holidays and new year etc it’ll not be so early


    • looks brilliant for mobile use in a modern car as no space for huge radios

      Thanks for the information on this radio ppl should put money on the table and buy one

      Good things come to those that wait


    • Yes it should be good (we will see) it’s got many interesting features. But Lincoln II promised a lot and took time to deliver. Honestly, some recent radios left me let down so guess we will see what happens.


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