*NEW/EXCLUSIVE CB’s Updating Firmware

Here is a look at the future of CB and possibly the way to how CB Radios will have any errors or updated functionality added. This is from Qixiang an innovator of this and came as a file for my January 2018 Anytone Hera. Since then hardware has been changed so I’ve not updated the firmware as comparability could maybe have some issues due to new components fitted but we will show below. The program is in Chinese but is very easy to follow actually.

Above is the start page which shows on the top right the comport and the speed etc and on the left and upper sides the buttons you need.

Next press the top left (O) open and add the file that is shown above. This is the revision to the firmware.

After opening it shows you the new firmware added to the file and then you need to press the (W) which is WRITE

You connect the radio to the PC and when connected and drivers fine you press the OK button and the new revised firmware will be downloaded to your radio.

So you see there are companies out there trying to make the radio experience better. So far we’ve got all the Amateur radio manufacturers such as Yaesu, Icom and Kenwood making updates available and this will be the future in our hobby down the line. Of course many companies can be looking into this as a plan for the future but Qixiang are now using it and will continue to enhance this and make it easier so maybe it’s possible for updates to become more available in the future months and years. Many people whether working in the sunshine or sitting in the shadows are all working to make out hobby bigger, better, stronger and ultimately more user friendly and fun.

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3 thoughts on “*NEW/EXCLUSIVE CB’s Updating Firmware

  1. This will end like mobile phones, design it, kick it to the stores with a tonne of design flaws and underdeveloped menus and options and software errors, the customers can do the real testing and research ending with an never ending stream of updates which gradually screws the box up to a slow, bad functioning hog forcing you to chuck it in the bin after three years and buying the next piece of crap.
    Thats what “updating” nowadays does, replacing a bunch of design faults for the next set of faults, the possibility to update makes lazy designers.
    Mark my words.

    If i buy a radio i buy it for exact the functionality it has mentioned in the brochure and i want it to work for the rest of its or my own lifespan, i am not interrested in getting “new-more-improved functionality” being a mandatory part of the error-fixing-update.


  2. 98/5000
    Oh, you shit the poor radio dealers.
    Many dead flashed radio boxes.
    Can Markus go to pension…..


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