*NEW* It’s Going To Come Unfortunately..

Years after it was touted it seems maybe Nanfone has got it reliable enough to release and a few resellers are going to be brave and take it on! We are all BETA testers in grand scheme across multiple brands so why not. Looks like a CRE-8900 mixed with AT-5555 mixed with about four other radios.

Its supposed to come 10 metres with 21 watts PEP SSB and around 10 watts AM/FM.

This radios been touted for years. Dave 91DD013 I think has seen it long time ago. Who’ll get it? Maybe Midland, CRT amongst others as have current Nanfone models in there sales plan.

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6 thoughts on “*NEW* It’s Going To Come Unfortunately..

  1. looks ok a mix up but if it works and reliable good one , they have had years to get it right and it might just be a good radio, power is not every thing as most use a kicker, I hope its ok and sells well it can not be any less reliable then some of the radios that are pushed out with a few in built problems ,


  2. Hi simon mmmm looks very midland and part ts 5010 emperor shogunn to my eyes .nice enough and should sell but lacks power at 21 and 10 watt more like a mk1 lincoln


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