*NEW* CB Changes In Germany

Przemek from. Konektor5000 has sent some very interesting information overnight and eventually this will be a Pan EU directive I guess. From July 2020 a tightening of the Road Traffic Act refers to “devices that cannot be operated without taking eyes off the road” CB Radio joins the group of banned devices as well as smartphones, smart watches and tablets. Germany is not the first country that prohibits this. Already Austria, Northern Ireland and Romania has it in action now. And a special permit is needed to allow the use of CB Radio when driving in Bulgaria, Croatia, Spain, Macedonia, Serbia, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland and Turkey. The law was asked to be revised but only a transition period was permitted. This ends July 2020

Use a CB and involved in an accident you can use your license for 30 days! Get caught and be fined €100 ~ €200

Link: https://tinyurl.com/y8bsohh2

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2 thoughts on “*NEW* CB Changes In Germany

  1. Hi simon the only answer would be to get a hands free system installed in the truck or car with a boom mike near to driver an it’s all good with a ptt in arms Reach there are ways around these obstacles


  2. This could be the final nail in the coffin for CB you become a target because of the twig on your vehicle it will affect Amateur Radio too big brother clamping down,nanny EU state telling people how to live not good news.
    John 26CT013.


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