*NEW* Delta Romeo Group Beacon Challenge

The Delta Romeo DX Group have a new idea on air so get those antennas and guess Amplifiers ready for action for this event. Scott 26DR111 wrote a long story about the challenge and I’ve added it below as it’s all better in his words and not mine so please read about the event and get ready for action.

Delta Romeo DX Group Beacon Challenge Special Activation Proposal

Date: Sunday 9th September 2018

Time: 1100 till 1400

The activation is planned in celebration of the anniversary of the formation of the Delta Romeo DX Group Facebook Page (07/09/18)

The objective of this activation is to put the words DELTA ROMEO on the map quite literally. I need 10 to 15 volunteers to act as host in a specified location and on a specified frequency. The host stations can be static mobile or portable. The on-foot portable stations following the rules of the DRX group can use DRX in their special callsign to be assigned.

The callsigns associated with these locations are shown clearly below. Where there is more than one location specified, the volunteer gets to choose the most convenient one for them.

To apply/volunteer, please comment on this post, tagging Scott Cooksey. Volunteers must be DR Callsign Holders. The volunteer must be committed to carrying out the activation so think carefully before volunteering. Without 1 volunteer the Beacon Chain will fail and alot of people will be let down. It is a massive responsibility. Communication with the organisers is paramount. If the organiser is given advance warning of an absence, an adjacent station can be given a 2 letter suffix or another volunteer can have a go as substitute.

If for any reason the activation is cancelled, a celebratory Delta Romeo DX Group Net will take place as normal on 27.365MHz USB in its place, so the day isn’t a complete loss.

The locations chosen are regularly activated on the usual network either static mobile or portable.

This activation will run in parallel to the DRX CHALLENGE 2018. If you are planning to go eXtreme as a volunteer, then you can enter it as an entry to that competition also.

For the caller the challenge is to work every Beacon Station and spell the word DELTA ROMEO in your log book or tick each station on a printable map I will provide, once volunteers and their locations are confirmed. The stations can therefore be worked in any order. A special QSL card will be available, printed or sent electronically for those stations that achieve the challenge. All groups and all callsigns are welcome to attempt the challenge. The distance between Station Delta and Station Oscar Two is approximately 200 miles, so this is a true challenge to you and your station, whether your station is based domestically or abroad.


26DR/D Forest of Bowland

Volunteer: Ryan DR(X)520

Frequency/Mode: 27.205MHz USB


26DR/E1 Ringinglow/Mowcop/Caistor Top/Allport Heights



Frequency/Mode: 27.405MHz USB


26DR/L Mermaid Pub/Cat and Fiddle Pub/Shining Tor/Peak District (Staffordshire) (Volunteer Specify)



Frequency/Mode: 27.255MHz USB


163DRX/T Cyrn y Brain

Volunteer: Warren DR(X)325

Frequency/Mode: 27.345MHz USB


26DR/A Long Mynd

Volunteer: David DR017

Frequency/Mode: 27.285MHz USB


26DRX/R Clee Hill

Volunteer: Scott DR(X)111

Frequency/Mode: 27.305MHz USB


26DR/O1 Barr Beacon

Volunteer: Andy DR047

Frequency/Mode: 27.325MHz USB


26DR/M, 163DR/M Broadway Tower (26)/Cooper Hill(26)/Coombe Gibbett (26)/Worcestershire Beacon (26)/Westbury White Horse (26)/British Mountain (163)/Pen y Fan (163)/Blorange/Brecon Beacons (163)(Volunteer Specify)

26DRX/M, 163DRX/M


Frequency/Mode: 27.265MHz USB


26DR/E2 Quantock Hills

Volunteer: Tony DR234

Frequency/Mode: 27.375MHz USB


26DRX/O2 Beacon Hill (Hampshire)

Volunteer: Stuart DR(X)1837

Frequency/Mode: 27.225MHz USB

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One thought on “*NEW* Delta Romeo Group Beacon Challenge

  1. Well, it’s all over. Luckilly the band was very quiet with no band noise in my location here on Dartmoor in Devon so I did manage to work all 10 stations although 2 were hard work, the furthest one was ‘up North’ and 299 miles away as the crow flies, the other difficult one was at Ringinglow Sheffield which is 258 miles so I feel quite chuffed to have been able to work all the 10 stations.


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