*What’s Bill’s Real Power??

Back again on a Monday and AGAIN we look at the Bill from President. Not only Facebook BUT a lot now asking what is the real power of this radio! And the answer is as closed as a reply to an email asking the same question. I actually asked in France before holiday close down but one of the engineers was away. Guess he is still away as no reply has been received in the meantime. I was asked to send my board photo which I’ve done but it’s finished. Black hole effect maybe.

Photo above is mine and notice metal across the jumper under the 3

Above photo shows NO jumper across and completely solder free hole under the 3

Cut the wire and move jumper. Unlocks Alphas, Unlocks new Bands

Power on my 3 radios (serial 496, 495 from Germany and 028 = 5 watts & 7.7 watts FM)

Nothing more!! I guess must be a microphone related trick like on the Anytone or maybe it’s not there?

Is it isolated?

Sweden ( 5 watts FM )

England ( 6.4 watts FM )



Hungary ( My results above )

Spain ( 7.8 watts FM )

Messages from all above countries, some from dealers who read the blog. NO modification online. No information online.

My guess is some PTT button trick and press UP who knows.

When it’s hot my FM audio sounds poorer than when cold and volts dip. That’s another new thing here but it’s a cheap CB and it’s got lots of features in its price class but it’s what’s missing. Over 50% I guess are never modified, nothing changed, not ever opened so it’s not on grand scale important but people have raised questions. I can’t answer them and it’s case closed. Buy an amplifier….

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2 thoughts on “*What’s Bill’s Real Power??

    • Hi Lothar. Thank you for the mail. On my radio in photo the 3 is closed via wire and still not 20 watts. So I’ll now go and look again 🎈🎈
      CONGRATULATIONS on your finding this. I’ll add it as a dedicated article soon.


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