*NEW* Midland Dual Day! 15/10/18

According to some online sources it appears that “Dual Day” could be Monday 15th October when the microphone will become fully available. Although there are some out there already in Sweden & Italy as this is written. As we know you’ll be able to get the microphone in both 4 and 6 pin versions. Below I’m going to make an initial comment and next week the full column will be here about my experiences both good and bad.

Android & iOS App

In my personal opinion make it subscription based. It can’t remain free as your allowing to be frank some idiots to use it while having no intention to buy the mike, no intention to do more than talk bad about it. I’ve heard in a few rooms comments of “I’ll use this but not buy the mike” and a lot worse. Wise up Midland! People will pay if they believe in it, get a mike and adopt the system. As it is now you’ve got a great idea that will implode with free users. Your a business not a charity.

Good ideas and good items will sell. You don’t get rich with free!

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