*NEW* What Was Your First CB?

Fredintheshed is back with a great titled video. Guess we always remember “our first time” and whether we were excited and caught the bug or whether it took us longer to get into it! For me was a contact in 1978 from a Vauxhall Chevette with an antenna on the boot to a guy called “The Brewer” who was around 12 miles away on AM.


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5 thoughts on “*NEW* What Was Your First CB?

  1. My first cb was a Cobra 21 GTL 40ch AM back in 1979 with a DV27 on a biscuit tin in the bedroom upgrading to an 80ch Ham Viking about 6mth after.
    the propagation back then was unreal and remember talking into Europe during darkness hours and listening to the Americans 🙂 In 1981 i purchased a LOWE TX40 and upgraded to a silver rod ,, since then i have had countless SSB rigs and gained my ham license. Most memorable moment ..it would have to be all the lovely female breakers 😀 hehe


    • Hi Nigel. Awesome stuff really. Same with me, Antenna in loft, hole cut in roof for coax and go to sleep with USA rattling my ears.. Those times I guess are the best, was more fun, less bad language etc and more comradeship I suppose.. Less keyboard warriors and fun of ‘Buzby’


  2. First UK FM 27/81 rig was a Harvard handheld then an Audiolinde 341 40 channel FM. Also owned a Barracuda at the beginning of CB career. Have a collection of old school 40 channel FM rigs amongst them Barracuda, Amstrad, Cybernet, Radiomobile. Best Cb ever owned still have President Lincoln mk1. A great unique way of communicating and fantstic hobby.


  3. Now your going back…..
    my first introduction to CB was a Super tiger 40a in 1979!!!
    Got hooked and had a Sapphire X2000 for xmas in 81 when it became legal in the UK.
    Progressed to first SSB radio in 1983,a very battered hygain 5
    I’m now 49 and have a massive collection of radio’s both Ham and CB.
    Best DX I EVER had was on a President grant in 86….it all got serious then and I did my HAM test.(I still have the grant)
    My love is CB and freeband DX.I very very rarely go on ham bands.

    Best DX to all,

    Dean 26DT1207


  4. My first CB was a Handheld Radio Shinwa SH702D in 1986. A 6 Channel AM Radio. I have it found on the attic at my familys home. My father has it used at the end of the 1970s. The Antenna was broken, but i buy a new at the Conrad electronic store. My first CB Mobil Station at home was a Stabo XM 3500 40FM 12AM Channel device in 1988. Antenna was a short Boomerang Antenna, mounted on the chimney. When i was 18 and have my 1st own Car, i have buy an Albrecht 4800 40/12 FM/AM. First Antenna on the Car was a DV27S on the trunk lid.

    Sorry for my bad english.


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