Thanks to the speediest dealer and shipping via GLS. Below we’ve got a look at the fully loaded juiced up CRT 2000 H the H for high power mode when used in 10 metre mode or in export mode for countries where it’s possible to use. This gives you a power output of 4 watts AM/FM in standard CB mode, 4 watts / 10 watts AM and finally 4 watts / 10 watts and 40 watts FM in either HAM or HF setting. It’s loaded with CTCSS and DCS. It’s great to see it inside the EU in this version, congratulations CRT.

And finally the area people are most interested in. Programming I’ll have a look at a little later probably over the weekend when time to set up the software.

Yours for €123 plus €19 shipping from here: https://tinyurl.com/yau5dlln

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  1. Simon,
    Lets see how she glows,blows,goes…….
    Keep us updated on how you get on with yours.
    Breakfast cooking tool or not?



  2. Nice, i have the original one and to be fair its a cracking little set. This beefed up model will certainly do it justice


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