Ordered from the CRT web shop and delivered within 4 days comes the new version of the S-Mini. It appears from paperwork that the Internals are akin to the Xenon as hidden away inside is a full export mode, higher power mode which allows 4 / 8 and 15 watts FM and 4 and 8 watts AM. It’s also rumored to cover 24-30 MHz so we will take a look inside.

Interesting that it was shipped in expanded form so meaning 24.7-30.1 so I’ll reverse it and we will show it in multi-norm and then later with expanded form. From initial look it appears very interesting. And for the price it’s got what you need to put it in the car and leave it. Nice heatsink added onto the back, lots of compound and what appears to be a 13N10 output sat on the board. And as you can see all the adjustment points are indeed again removed as per the new ideas from China. LET the trials begin.

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