*IN VIEW* President Walker II

Below is a small look and a few pointers about the Walker II. In the future weeks more will come but here is just a look at the radio based on a few minutes press buttons and cancelling of the annoying BP (Beep) and the rest please sit and it’ll come later in the week and month ahead.

* 3 watt speaker so the sound is strong and clear

* Cases are heavy, not flimsy but strong metal and carry some weight

* NEW FEATURE Tone, adjust base and treble from -5 till 0 and onto +5 in receive. You can really make a nice sound when adjusting it. For me around +1 was used

*SWR Like McKinley USA the radio tells the SWR of the antenna

* Analogue Meter that’s a key feature for me

* Big Heatsink On The Back, chunky AM regulator and heatsink internally

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4 thoughts on “*IN VIEW* President Walker II

  1. yes a good looking radio Am and FM I like the analogue meter and its easy to use I like it could be buying one soon


  2. I like the analogue meter too. I have never been much of a fan of the digital types to be honest with you. Is this just an EU release or will it be available on the FCC 40 A.M.?


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