*CB Repeaters* Russia

With the low conditions now it’s rare to hear many repeaters on the air. A couple of years ago you could connect to Germany (DA Tim) and stations in Poland and Sweden via the CB parrot in Saratov with its Sirio Antenna perched on top of a block of flats located on a hill.

Saratov Link A: https://youtu.be/0MOFU0vBO3c

Budapest to Saratov to Sweden: https://youtu.be/z8MTeJCtzMQ

Here are a few frequencies to listen a listen

27.270 FM Saratov Russia & Kiev Ukraine

27.330 FM Saratov Russia

27.390 FM Kaliningrad City

27.350 FM Moscow City Link Russia

25.650 FM Sochi Link

Above CB Repeater Saratov Antenna

That’s a few and there are literally loads more across to Far East coast of Russia. We just need a few conditions and luck but the chasing of them on PL Band is superb fun.

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