*WIZARD LEAKS* President Walker II

Especially for Dean in the UK, Stephen in the UK, Zibi in Poland and literally dozens that have emailed me. Below we’ve got an update on the Walker II with some of your questions answered. It’s Christmas season so I’m slow due to other commitments but the big updates on stuff I’ll add at weekends till end of year.

AM Regulator is surrounded by heatsink and well covered in compound. So AM lovers like Stephen and myself we are well covered.

In export mode a long press of F enters 0/5 ending and on Alpha channels a @ comes on the screen to signify A channel. This is needed in the Ronald too.

Above is self explanatory really

Self Explanatory

Interesting Points

Change of direction it appears. As engineered and ideas are EU it’s logical how it works. Alpha channels shows @ and press MODE in extended mode and it shows AM, FM then UK40 so you’ve got UK in extended mode with the goodies it can afford you. Analogue signal meter too! I’d have added echo in firmware BUT it’s loaded with SWR, Tone, heavy case, big 3 watt speaker.. The radio will pop up on YouTube shortly Just time specific. When you see it or hold it you’ll notice it’s different. I can’t tell you how or why but it’s different! It’s not similar to Barry, Andy and Bill there is something different. I think I know what but I’ll wait and see what others think. Part of it is logic, part of it is thoughts, parts of it are user defined. It’s different but in a good way.

Intuitive that’s it….

More to come….

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    • It’s on the photos. Usual export channels plus 5/0 ending. It’s got all A channels and UK40 plus 🧙‍♂️🧙‍♂️🧙‍♂️ which makes the difference.. You’ll be quite surprised


  1. Great info Simon.
    the more this radio shares its atributes…the more I have to have one.
    how is export mode achieved??…via menu or internal chops or mods?.

    great update Simon.

    many thanks.


    • Hi Dean. Hopefully get a video uploaded soon and the modification same as your Grant II so no need mention it on any videos as it’s easily resolved

      Best Wishes


  2. a great radio worth every pence and a good heat sink for the Am bring it on can not wait for it to come to the dealers


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