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So some interesting news has arrived and it’s really some good news! Well I think it’s good news. The chatter is always a lot about new radios but the chatter now is almost confirmed as a loan test piece is here so we will let you know what we know and then we will see how it is when finally released and if anything has changed. The radios target area is of course the North American market but for those in the UK we’ve some interesting news.


The radio will come with option UK which you can add on / off

On = 24.710 till 30.105 + 27.60125-27.99125

Off = 24.710 till 30.110

Span So you will be able to make 0 ending frequencies

@ The Alpha Channels will show @ on the screen within the channel number

This is really exactly what was needed on the Ronald 12/10m. It’s really what was needed! Clever work around, well implemented idea indeed.

Richard will come with a re-designed software implementation and includes echo set features, choice of the seven display colors, VFO mode, key beep and of course more.


I was initially a fan of the Ronald 12/10 but wrong channel numbers with Alphas and the UK channel 1 being 16D and not in its own series made it a hard sell according to a few dealers. The new system on the Richard, add it to Ronald it’s sure that this idea if proved correct is absolutely more EU and logical than on the previous Ronald. Initial news seems positive.

Photo from Walker II but appears same in Richard

The Richard is rated at 13 watts AM swinging to 50w PEP and 40 watts FM.
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    • Hi, I’ve passed him your mail address. He’s a dabbler so buys and sells all odds and ends CB. He’s on holidays till 7th January but he’s got the mail that you use here (plus he reads blog)


  1. Now here is a conumdrum?????
    Which do we go for now? President have been busy with the W2 and Richard….
    Price difference is the question?.
    Checked all sources in UK and both these radio’s will be arriving in the second week in January.
    I’m stumped now which one to go for?.

    Well done President! (subject to testing of course!)


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