*PMR Linking* 1/1/2019

Time to get those stomachs moving after a Central European Christmas and New Year time. Trousers have shrunk, shirts are tighter so go and stand on a mountain with your 500mw PMR station and get some contacts. The mountain men in the Czech Republic are out today and when news comes we will inform you.

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One thought on “*PMR Linking* 1/1/2019

  1. Hi. It was an amazing experience to be a part of this PMR chain with more than 70 operators and more than 1800 km distance in one direction. We were linked part by part in two circles (the first one in the eastern part of the Czech Republic – Moravia – 30 operators, the other one in the western part of the Czech Republic in Czcechia – 43 operators). We were linked in the forward direction, station by station and in reverse direction again. The weather was very windy, cloudy and partly rainy. In mountins with snow. Tmeperature 0 plus minus. Facebook users can watch part of this PMR linking in the recorded FB live stream from the middle of the Czech Republic – PMR operator Tomas Vlasim (329BNTV) QTH Brezak in the locator JN79JT – here https://www.facebook.com/groups/pmr.vcechach.net/permalink/554386648375327/


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