*VIDEO* CB On Motorola MT-1000

We start the week with something technical and quite remarkable. Radu from Timisoara in Romania sent me a message which was super interesting and sure it will be for the techies out there such as Rob P in the UK as others. A Motorola with 80 working CB channels as well as repeater shift and working on 10 metres. Below are Radu’s words and links to the videos.

Hello Simon,

One information from Romania, finally I manage to modify a Motorola MT1000 for CB radio. Now I am just waiting for the summer to get some DX. Here is short video with some local channel 26 activity from Timisoara:

Link to video: https://youtu.be/0Hsvo-mAMgM

The HW modification were done and documented by another radio enthusiast from Romania some time ago but on a Motorola P200.

Anyways the P200 and the MT1000 share the same front end & PA schematics so I just needed to apply the HW mods. and for the RSS programming SW I made a modification so that out of band frequecies can be written in to the radio.

Complete modification for Motorola P200 can be found here:

Link to modification: https://tinyurl.com/y8lvxpjp

For the MT1000 99 channels I can provide the modified RSS software if someone is interested. As a summary I ended up with a professional hand held with 80CB channels + 19channels programmed in 29mhz on the repeater area.

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One thought on “*VIDEO* CB On Motorola MT-1000

  1. Fab stuff,just shows you if FCC had decide FM-N on USA CB band,would Motorola Consumer may of stepped in for CB commercial grade Moto sets for CB professionals?
    Some OPS want long range,high grade quality equipment FM communications in Low-band VHF at 27Mhz for personal uses.
    I still feel FCC made a bad decision NOT allowing FM mode in FCC band on 27mhz,as it could of opened up a international CB market.thus lowering the cost for dual approved FCC,ETSI CB all mode radios including FM-N
    Does open up some possibilities,and proves the fact you can have high grade equipment,why should personal communication miss out?,cheap isnt all the best sometimes VS robustness and RF\Audio quality.
    Something for anyone attempting this project,some Moto kit in the 29.7-36.00mhz range you have to be aware that often these sets could be set up on a wider FM system 20Khz spacing typically (USA models),so you need to do some work in the FM filters (narrower),FM detector discriminator area (boost audio level up) and FM transmit deviations lowering it to around 2.00khz max EU or 2.20khz UK
    European Models maybe different FM system used?I cannot say as never come across them,just something to be aware off to check.
    Motorola normally have a identification label on radio to tell you want FM system radio is setup,normally shown in the service manuals.

    As the FM-N CB system used is a lot narrower spacing (10khz EU & 11.25khz UK spacing system) compared to commercial users (20/25khz spacing system),a good level of electronics and test gear would be required to carry out the project successfully.
    Reading the mod info to hand,not impossible just some careful considerations before taking on this type of project work for an individual.

    But hats of to this chap,for having a crack at it,cant fault him and good mod info page and well explained,FM sounds nice\clean and classic Moto FM squelch working in video,Fab stuff!
    Whats next Motorola FM base?,these bad boys can be up to 150 Watts depending on model!

    Great article Simon,thanks made my day!

    Rob P
    RP Comms UK


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