The World’s First CB’er

News from Carmen in the United States and added below in exactly the way it’s been sent to me as to change it wouldn’t be the right thing to do. Thanks very much to Carmen and hop you’ll all like reading the story of the “world’s first CB’er”

On this date,72 years ago February 14, 1947, the first Citizens Band radio license W2XQD was issued by the FCC. It was assigned to John M. Mulligan, a Motorola radio engineer from Elmira, New York.

His license permitted four units to operate between 460-470 MHz using modulated CW (Continuous Wave), Amplitude Modulation (AM) and Frequency Modulation (FM)

The first CB radios Mr. Mulligan constructed were from junk box parts and WWII surplus gear and stuffed into cases from defunct 5 Meter amateur radios.The radios were modulated oscillators with a super regenerative receiver using a 6J6 tube in the front end. These units were very unstable and required constant “fussing” to keep the receiver working. Despite this, ranges of up o 16 miles were reported and paved the way for more research and development. At the time of the testing the radio service was referred to as the Developmental -Experimental Service that rolled over into Class “B” Citizens Band Service

Around the same time Motorola and Mr. Mulligan developed converters so their 152MHz gear would work in the 460 CB band, this was the beginning of Class “A” CB which is still in use as the General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS)

Mr. Mulligan also held the 13th issued license for Class “D” CB under the callsign, 20W0852 and was licensed in the Amateur Radio Service (ham) as W2RTW.

That is your radio history for today 🙂

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