I’ve been asked to comment about the McKinley EU and what I think about it’s non arrival to market as of yet! In my case I think it’s better to come when it’s ready than to force something sooner rather than later. DX conditions are low as we are at the bottom of the cycle, plus a lot of radios from 2018 40th year of President remain unaccounted for at the moment. PLUS what about anything new coming in 2019 that’s not announced yet. We are all adults and so nothing to add really. If it makes it to the shelves for sporadic-e season then it’s fine, if it doesn’t then it doesn’t.

President are an old company so do things in there time within the schedule of there own eco system. If you release something not ok people are up in arms and forums, blogs, Facebook are filled with upset people. If you release something later than expected people are up in arms for exactly the same reasons. So you can’t win either way. When I ask Markus from Neunerfunk as question about something I’m looking forward to get news from he tells me always ” so let’s wait”

So guys and girls from USA (you shouldn’t have it 🧙‍♂️) France, Poland, UK and other places that have asked

Let’s wait ….

In the whole of 2019 I’ve heard all but a handful of people DX wise so not any rush..

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7 thoughts on “*NO REAL NEWS* McKinley EU

  1. After chasing the Richard and the Walker,with false hopes and the end of last year…….
    I am just going to sit it out and wait until the main dealers start selling.
    Most are pretty quick to upload to sites when President release a new radio.

    McKinley will come when its ready,after what I have seen about the US version, this radio will have a lot to offer and I look forward to working mine when I get it.

    We all must be patient!. I am sure that President will make it worth waiting for.

    Its even better that its Uniden based.You can be sure its going to be quality.

    I doubt President will drop its Chinese connection as they have produced too many best sellers for President from past to date.




    • Wise words Dean. I chased both and found them in Germany and in Spain. It will come when it comes and if it doesn’t come then it doesn’t. Better that it comes late and in great shape than quickly and not all that..

      As far as I know it’s a Uniden and I agree I don’t think China is over! Why would it be, makes no sense really (But guess never say never)



  2. I agree! last thing we want is a rushed product especially on this one.Id rather wait a few months extra more if theirs any engineering issues or updates required to be resolved, than rush it out under perceived pressures.Give it time it will be worth it,id rather see a piece of kit tested right ,than wrong from a engineers view point,than get negativity if things are missed or not correct,just not worth all the hassle factors and reputation of company,especially this being a complex all mode radio.You never know doing it this way may have its bonus too!, sneaked in extras added in design or firmware updates added in at last moments,this does happen in the mfr’s world.
    Beta testing and final testing a new pre-production run can take its time if you want it right and spot on consistently and all Quality Control checks carried out and hits the right marks.
    It will come,when GPE ready to release and they are happy with it from engineering dept.
    Happy Days!

    Rob P.


  3. Hi Simon thanks m8 . bit of info for you did you hear that President are now being made again by Uniden due to the problems the far east company making them not as good as they should . so it might be better. France will still be the European distributer but made by Uniden . this info has come from a friend at Ham radio outlet in California. so will see . takke care mate thanks for all the e mails . 73 Brian M3HOV


    • Hi Brian. McKinley is Uniden as far as I know? So it’s over for the Chinese your telling me? This is news for me and never had any ideas so you’ve enlightened darkness here.

      Thanks for letting me know so it’s time now for me to do a little research around stores and others.

      Kind Regards


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