Wouxun KGV-55 3G

With many thanks to our friends at the 409Shop in Hong Kong we’ve another radio that appears to be coming to the network radio bandwagon. It comes with everything you’d expect from Wouxun including crossband and group calls, caller ID and communication via the Internet with a 3G connection. Price in Hong Kong is $169 and excludes any shipping, duties and taxes.

Large color screen
 Public Network , WCDMA 2100 x 900 MHz  
 Twin Modes & Tri Bands 
 Cross-Mode Repeat , Simcard Radio<->Analogue Radio, Analogue Radio<->Analogue Radio 
 Simultaneous Reception among three bands 
 Duplex work among three bands (one band TX, another bands RX) 
 200 contacts , Caller ID
 Offset , Shift Frequency in Analogue Mode 
 UHF/VHF, VHF/UHF cross-band Repeat 
 VOX Function
 Multi-definition for side keys 
 DTMF Encode and Decode 
 Memory Channels 999
 Selective Calls, Group Calls, All Calls
 SOS Emergency Alarm 
 Lamp , Backlight , stopwatch

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