President McKinley Availability

With thanks to Limmared we’ve deleted the past article. The price on the website wasn’t correct as they were given an incorrect price from there supplying dealer. So at the moment we’ve no idea of the cost, although we now know the chances of the radio arriving in May seems to be the most likely outcome. I’d thought the price was good to be true so aim we must wait.

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  1. I actually think that IF McKinley retails around £289 isn’t really that bad for what we hope to get.

    There are so many radios out there that are China based at really low competitive prices as the Lincoln 11+ being at the top of the price list, I think that as its UNIDEN based and it is a PRESIDENT radio….retail prices of £260 – £290 are most likely to be realistic pricing we can hope for.

    At the end of the day its a ‘proper’ President radio and if it reaches the bar it will be well worth it.


    One is definitely going to be mine.whatever the price….I look forward to it.


  2. The only price I’ve seen on a UK website is £289.95 – Ouch!

    I do hope it’s no-where near that.

    A price of that magnitude will kill this radio stone dead.


    • The price that was given here earlier was wrong. I heard from Germany it was and i quote


      Fact it has more features, smaller design, echo and all load of stuff I guess it will be priced higher than Grant II Premium and maybe a little cheaper than Jackson II


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