So the news appears to have been correct as the AE-2990 AFS hand held which included SSB is Again it appears in production. Our friends over at konektor5000 in Łódź Poland have added it to there stock program again recently. It was as applauded as it was criticized this radio. The good ones were good and the not so good really didn’t work well at all. Export version is 1020zl which in euros is around €240 and the links below. The standard multi-norm version is 990zl so around €231 both prices plus shipping in EU.

Export Version: https://tinyurl.com/y2vcx92p

Multi Norm Version: https://tinyurl.com/y67tx8xv

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4 thoughts on “*BACK AGAIN* AE-2990 AFS

  1. never had one but it looks ok and ssb and it might get the power antenna adapter like the midland so no need for batts and connect it to the power and and the mobile antenna like the 4000hp.


  2. Hello Simon,
    Great news, hopefully they corrected some of the design issues that were present in the latest 2990AFS version.
    Please keep us up to date if you receive any new information about this new version, I am really curios if they improved the schematic vs the old 2990AFS. If yes, I will definitely buy one to add on my HT SSB collection.


    • Hi Radu

      Wise words from you as always! I don’t know the changes but I’ll try and find out. I’d truly hope they’ve made it better than last time and the same for the AE5890EU and AE7500

      Great to read you


  3. Hi Simon,
    better quality control at the alignment and at the testing stage,think was the main issue throughout its history of this set,some good,some bad.
    Maybe a new batch of pcb and improvements may of been done now?
    I know from the earlier models,i had a nightmare with them in rejects,the new AE version was a lot better and sometimes just a tweak in alignment for UK FM band,as Ae did change the pcb version from the really troublesome version.

    Personally id like to have seen a rear die cast case for heat and ruggedness,with better plastic used (just my personal opinion)for again robustness being a handheld.
    CTCSS added as an upgrade be nice new addition.

    A proper 13.8V rechargeable hi-capacity battery pack,and bring back the very long 1 metre whip antenna,as supplied antenna is just way too short,dummy load or very short range.

    Sets quite handy for 12m and 10m too for Hams,which is handy too.

    Have to get a sample in,see if any improvements made Simon!
    best of luck to them.

    Rob .P


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