What Are Resellers Doing?

As the emails mount up about everything in the world of radio I thought I’d spend the time to tell you what’s happening that I know as of today’s date. YES it’s true to say that much is happening in the world of radio and most of it is top secret but will come out sooner and sometimes later rather than sooner shall we say.


You’ve all seen the Nanfone 689 and at the moment revisions happening. There are some EU customers and it will come to market. It’ll look pretty much like the radio you’ve seen on the blog but will have UK/EU and not UK/CE and all the hidden goodies on the inside.


Work is happening. Expect things when they come. At this time I’m not sure if any 2019 radios will be announced or released or whether we will wait for the 2018 radios to come.


Some new stuff in the pipeline and again expect it when it comes


Working to make antennas EU available and on some other projects. Wait & See.

Team Electronics:

No news at all

Anytone Brand:

Busy with new ideas, busy with making radios, busy generally with everything

Midland / Albrecht:

Some new things in the pipe from Midland. Albrecht only limited news. There is still talk that the AE2990AFS SSB Handheld will come again with new board etc but not much news if this is true or a pipe dream.

Remember that most of any new stuff will be AM and FM only. Don’t expect to see that many new SSB radios. Low solar cycle and the market doesn’t want it. That’s the word from dealers, factories and importers.

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